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Imperative to the design process is an overall understanding of the clients’ goals and expectations. Jenographics strives to promote open communication, wherein a client / designer relationship is built on mutual respect. This allows me to provide only the best possible solutions, with the high impact effect and visual message which inspires your target audience response.

Why Choose Jenographics

Dedication To Your Success

Your time is valuable. Why settle for a “good enough” DIY project? Hire a professional who will save you time and ultimately money with an end result you can be proud of.

Continuity and Consistancy

The ultimate goal is one that ensures that an overall continuity and consistency through all aspects of your branding. This is a key step to the success of reaching your desired results in the promotion of your business, awareness and recognition.

A Memorable First Impression

…and in a POSITIVE way! Good design is not only seen, it is felt. A viewer can usually tell within seconds if something has been professionally designed, or was amateurly thrown together. Don’t sell your business, product or service short by scrimping on a professional quality design that will give you invaluable credibility.

Better Results

Beyond just looking professional, great design has the power to produce results. An effective final product will initiate customers to take action.

Facebook Feed

3 weeks ago


Good morning! Starting today we are going to bring a little carousel magic to your feed everyday by posting one carousel horse a day 😍🎠

First up is our Honor Horse! It is our lead horse, and on a traditional carousel the lead horse is very special. It is typically the most valuable of all the animals and is very distinct. It is a ‘stander’ so it does not go up and down but the unique armor makes it stand out as the lead horse. It’s position on the carousel is section 1, outside horse A.

If you have throwback pictures with this horse comment them below! 🎠
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2 months ago


Registration open for individual and group work. As you all know with Gymnasiums closed all training will take place on out door courts. At this time I am offering individual and small group-5 is limit for now until we get back in gyms.
Message for pricing or call me!🏀
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