Get To Know Jenographics Better!



    Jenographics Design Service offers a wide variety of services to meet your graphic, digital, marketing design and promotional goals.

    As the soul proprietor and owner, Jennifer takes personal pride in developing your branding identity and communication design solutions for your specific business. Focused on cutting through the clutter, Jennifer will develop an initial idea into an inspirational, creative, compelling message designed to reach your audience with power, emotion and conviction.

    It is then, that overall consistency through all aspects of your branding is fully developed. This is a key step to the success of reaching your desired results in the promotion of your business, awareness and recognition and one that is a lot of fun too. It’s always great to see a plan come together that you can be proud of, and in turn produces measurable results and response.

    What I Do


    Jenographics strives to serve clients better by getting to know them and their business. Also critical in the overall success of a project is knowing the clients’ goals, their vision, and even what their competition is up to. All of these things and more, will begin to build the framework for a successful design strategy.

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